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25 Simple And Cozy Christmas Decor Ideas

November is finally here, and you know what that means: it’s time for Christmas decor!

I have been a little obsessed with holiday ideas lately, so I thought, why not make a post about it?

My focus has been on minimalist, yet beautiful and cozy Christmas decor.

These are interior design inspirations that will get you in the holiday spirit.

I am getting ahead of myself, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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1. Stunning Dinner Table

Image by Julie Blanner

2. Beautiful Candles

3. Cozy Golden Lights

4. Joyful Fireplace

5. Farm House Fireplace

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6. Simple And Modern Fireplace

7. Colorful Holiday

8. Simple Christmas Tree

Image by HomeyOhMy

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9. DIY Christmas Wreath

10. Natural Elements

11. Scandinavian Inspiration

12. Orange Garlands

13. Cozy Tree

14. Natural Tree

15. Olive Branches Wreath

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16. DIY Beautiful Ornaments

17. Frosted Greens

Image by Lemon Thistle

18. Minimalist Tree

19. White And Gold

20. DIY Bleached Pine Cones

Image by Stone Gable

21. DIY Christmas Signs

Image by Landeelu

22. Origami Ornaments

23. Stunning Tablescape

24. Kitchen Wreaths

Image by Ali Manno

25. Minimalist Tree

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  1. Great ideas that make me feel really festive!

  2. These are beautiful ideas! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I just set up all of my Christmas decor today and it makes me so happy! You’re giving me so much inspiration for my future home and the way I might decorate further! I love all of these stunning ideas.

  4. Yes! I am so happy you enjoyed them (:

  5. Thank you, so glad you like it!

  6. Omg yes!! I am setting up my Christmas decor too, and I was so excited about making this post. So happy you enjoyed it!! (:

  7. These Christmas shots are the best so cute! Makes me feel so ready for it!

  8. Love the colour ideas you’ve suggested!!

  9. I love the simple decorations and colour schemes. We have been working on collecting everything we need to stick to a black/gold colour palette with the decorations in our house, and it’s coming together beautifully! I was even able to nab some black stockings last year with beautiful gold detailing on them. Our last search has been the tree skirt, however, we are particular about the fabric used due to the fact that we have 4 pets and black shows pet hair – so we don’t want something that’s also going to attract and hold onto that same hair lol

  10. I am so happy you love them! (:

  11. Yes! Thank you for stopping by (:

  12. Aww! Your decor sounds beautiful. And I totally get you! When you have pets you have to balance it all and think ahead of those little details. I hope my post gave you some ideas (:

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