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5 Helpful Tips For Mindful Productivity

Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been easy. Our routines have been altered, our mental health has been affected and most of us have not been mindful nor productive.

What is productivity anyway?

Productivity sure has many faces and descriptions.

We can feel it in our core whenever we are slacking, neglecting our potential, our dreams, our health, our precious time alive.

In this post, I share from my personal perspective, 5 useful and simple habits that have made my life better in little but significant ways, and will hopefully improve yours as well.

Read on!

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1. The Joy Of Living

How beautiful it is to live! So many things to be grateful for! We always hear or read the importance of gratitude, but we often forget to take 5 minutes to thank God for all we have.

How about we start by being grateful? Having a personal notebook or journal, for me is just as important as having a planner.

Expressing your gratitude in a paper, for all you have and for all you look forward to, can bring so much inner peace and serenity.

Usually, this makes no sense until you try it and you start feeling your mood shifting and your shoulders relaxing.

How often we spend our Monday-Fridays routine with a frown face, stiff body and every negative thought we could think of?

I know, way too often.

We get dragged into the daily stress and forget we are in this world to be joyful and happy.

I have noticed that all successful people have a daily habit of gratitude, no matter the circumstances that surround them.

They usually start their day by being grateful, so sure this must be an important habit to follow on.

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Gratitude helps us stay grounded, let go of the past days, and recharge ourselves to maximize our potential for the days to come.

And trust me, I understand how unpredictable the outside world currently is, but take a deep breath and look around, I am pretty sure you can find something to be grateful for.

Now that we are feeling good and grateful, it is time to be productive.

2. To Each Day Its Own

One thing I’ve learned through the years, is that big part of having a good day, and hence, a good week, depends big part on you and your decisions.

We always blame circumstances and events for not being at the top of our game, but if we look deeper, we would see that there’s a lot in our control, and that’s where our focus should be at.

So first things first: agendas! Sure using an agenda or planner isn’t rocket science or something new in the world of productivity, but oh how often they are underestimated.

Check out this Lilly Pullitzer planner!

Here is the thing, it’s my perception that simply making a to do list will only get you so far. But when you distribute your compromises, visualizing each day ahead, everything flows easier.

I like to sit down, maybe have some tea or after a nice relaxing bath, and write down every little or not so little task to do in the following week.

Next, I follow by distributing these tasks to each day according to how they fit best on that schedule.

The goal is to look forward to each day with an organized plan. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to do and piling it up to the end of the week, giving each day its own, is the start for a successful week/month.

3. Prioritize

Have you ever felt like you gave so much time to things that you could otherwise get done a day or week later, and by doing this you neglected important tasks and responsibilities that truly needed your immediate attention? Well, I know I have!

Now that we’ve set an optimistic foundation and have our agenda by the hand, it is time to prioritize our plans for the week.

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

Prioritizing things and tasks can put you ahead on your timeline and effectiveness.

By dividing your responsibilities into categories ABC, with A being your most important tasks to do at this moment and so on, you can feel more at ease throughout your week.

This habit will also end up giving you more space and free time.

Since your productivity will improve, by the end of each day or the end of the week, you will have the chance to spend some time doing things you love, going out, or simply relaxing.

Personally, this habit has done such a difference in my life.

It helps me feel good and accomplished at the end of the week, knowing I followed through with my goals.

4. Please, Take Care Of Yourself

A positive and rewarding week wouldn’t be complete without some self-love!

I truly believe that taking care of ourselves as part of our routine automatically skyrockets our daily efficiency, mood, and concentration.

Self-care looks different to everyone. For me, it can be reading a book, painting, or having some coffee while looking out the window.

Perhaps for in your case, self LOVE means doing your nails, going for a walk with your dog, or playing your favorite instrument.

These are little moments for ourselves, which are necessary and healthy.

In the daily craziness between work, school, and being an adult (and let’s not get started about the Pandemic), sometimes we neglect that having a little moment for ourselves is necessary.

As you may perceive, balance is truly important when you want to get things done.

A healthy relationship with yourself is just as important as keeping an organized agenda.

If you’re not taking a break for yourself, you will burn out.

(Trust me, I’ve been there, 0/10 Do not recommend.)

Let’s prioritize personal moments.

Savor every little moment, the imperfections of our lives.

Enjoy the days as they come and appreciate each day for what it may be. Amor fati.

All in all, just remember to make space to nourish yourself and your soul.

Disengage from social media, turn off your phone!

Disconnecting for some hours sometimes can be all the self-care you need.

5. Be Flexible

This one last habit is for all my perfectionists out there. I write this because I am one myself.

Sometimes after doing all the things above, I find myself trying to stick perfectly to my priorities and my planner, and then stuff happens, things out of my control can alter the perfect routine I had planned and now I am beating myself up about it… no, no, stop!

Making a list, prioritizing tasks each day, and so on, doesn’t mean things have to be so stiff.

Each day brings something new, even if you planned it all out there are things out of your control.

This is something I’ve learned through the years.. and learned it the hard way.

Yes, there are days when things will go smoothly and you will scratch off everything you planned for that day, but some other days it won’t be the same.

But guess what? You still gave your best and that is still a success.

All this hustle culture can make us feel like we are behind unless we are on a nonstop grind, getting things done on a specific timeline.

Don’t let yourself be dragged into that.

It’s all an illusion.

Your journey is different than everyone else’s and you can give success in your own definition.

I share these tips and habits out of my personal experience, but you can play around with these ideas as well. Make it all your own!

Did I miss anything on my list? Please share with me your personal mindful productivity habits, I would love to read.

Wishing you a wonderful week.



  1. Thank you for the amazing tips. I need to start being a bit more productive

  2. Thanks for the great tips! I’m a big believer in expressing gratitude and am so glad you included in your suggestions.

  3. These are great points to ponder on. I definitely try to prioritise but also remain flexible.

  4. Now, when I started to work from home, I get distracted very easy. Thank you for sharing these tips!

    p.s. I definitely should pay more attention to the #4 🙂


  5. Wow thank you for sharing! They are important things we often take for granted. Just simple things as gratitude and self love can help get us to being productive. I just learned something new today! Thank you

  6. I am so glad my tips are helpful to you (:

  7. Yes gratitude certainly makes a big difference every single day (: thanks for stopping by!

  8. Yes definitely, it is all about balance!

  9. I know right! The same thing has happened to me, but I do my best to follow my own tips. Thank you for stopping by my blog (:

  10. Yes these are little things that can make a big difference in our life. Thank you for stopping by PMB! (:

  11. I think being flexibile will really help me in this pandemic, when I cannot plan anything long term. Thanks for this list. Really helpful

  12. These posts are so helpful! Being productive is quite hard at the minute but I’ve been doing the things you’ve mentioned and it’s helped me have a better mindset xx

  13. Lindsay says:

    Really timely piece. Some great points for everyone to consider these days. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. Rosario says:

    This was a very helpful post!

  15. Taking one day at a time is so important. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.

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